Certifications, approvals and qualifications represent for Tecnolab the most important technological achievement. Through these proceedings Tecnolab has been able to consolidate its position as a reference point for european companies wishing to test their products.

The major awards obtained so far are:

  • Accredited Laboratory by ACCREDIA nb.0991;
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission) registered Laboratory for USA. Test firm nb.868 554;
  • INDUSTRY CANADA (IC) registered Laboratory nb.11229A-1;
  • DVGW qualified-authorized Laboratory;
  • CSA qualified-authorized Laboratory;
  • CEIR Water Label qualified-authorized Laboratory;
  • WELL (Water Efficiency Label) qualified-authorized Laboratory;
  • SASO Registered Laboratory
  • ETA DANMARK qualified-authorized Laboratory;
  • SAI GLOBAL qualified-authorized Laboratory;
  • ICC-ES authorized Laboratory;