Tecnolab has been involved in several R&D projects, bringing specific expertise in the field of testing, measurement and research improving alternative technological solutions to those currently in use. 

These projects has allowed Tecnolab to establish and intensify fruitful collaborations and synergies with companies, research centers, institutions and italian universities. Through these activities it has been possible to extend Tecnolab's range of technical and managerial skills, developing a specific expertise in all the phases of projects and feasibility studies. 

The projects in which Tecnolab has been (or is) involved are:

  • Hydro – CFD: The project allowed to study and test a design method and procedures to suit the technological market needs of mini-turbines used in hydroelectric.
  • METREGEN "Metrology on a cellular and macromolecular scale for regenerative medicine" : The METREGEN project was born with the aim of developing innovative measurement instrumentation, methods for the validation of processes and cell culture materials and reference methods to be used in processes and products of regenerative medicine.
  • Energy C-Box: The objective of the project is the definition of a measure relates the energy and environmental performance of buildings with certified instrumentation and development of innovative products and services for energy saving.
  • Luben: The Luben project allowed to develop alternative lubricants to those currently used in the paper industry for the components under fatigue in the equipment used for its production. 
  • M10Flow: This project developed an electro-hydraulic module applicable to the traditional faucet that allows to improve the accuracy in maintaining the desired temperature that reduce the consumption of hot water in the initial adjustment phase. 
  • C-Box Value: Project developed as a result of Energy C-Box which aims to validate the measurement process in the operating conditions.
  • DESTiNi: Project active in the field of advanced biomedical technologies for the treatment of ischemic disease of the lower limbs. 
  • Aqua Nova: Project in taps and fittings area. 
  • No Noise: Development of an innovative acoustic chamber for measurement of emitted noise.
  • VI4: Development of new mesurement system for industrial valves.
  • LSE: Development of an innovative electrical safety laboratory. 
  • Zeronoise: Research and development project by modelling, analysis and implementation about an innovative acoustic dumper for sanitary taps.
  • MANU-Net "TexEMFiRe": Manufacturing textiles with electromagnetic shielding and fire retardant properties by plasma based methods.

Tecnolab proposes itself as a technology partner to develop projects and feasibility studies, researching and examining fundings promoted by public and private institutions.