The executable tests in this field are: 

  • Testing of sanitary taps and fittings such as single lever mixers, thermostatic mixers, "taps headworks", electronic faucets, showers and shower heads, flexible, visual and dimensional inspections, testing of hydraulic seal, resistance to pressure, hydraulic characteristics and properties, mechanical resistance to fatigue;
  • Testing of sanitary ware such as shower enclosures, shower trays, wash basins and multifunction booths;
  • Pressure losses of the valves;
  • Technical verification of valves to prevent backflow;
  • Noise measurement through acoustic chamber;
  • Mechanical metrology;
  • Check for breakage of couplings;
  • Tensile, compression, bending and resilience;
  • Evidence of impact with EH hammer.

Through its own experience, Tecnolab can evaluate further specific requests an plan new tests.