Environmental measurements

Electromagnetic shielding measurements: measurements of the shielding effectiveness of fabrics, panels, seals, shelters and shielded rooms, cabinets, subracks and chassis, paint, etc.. according to the following standards: MIL STD 285, IEEE 299, EN 50147-1, EN 61000-5-7, EN 61587-3.

Consulting for electromagnetic shielding of interior and shielded rooms, environmental measurements.

Electromagnetic measurements (CEM)

  • Measurements of electromagnetic fields for the protection of the population according to Italian law and Council Recommendation of 12/07/1999

  • Measurements of electromagnetic fields in an industrial environment according to Italian Legislative implementing Directive 2013/35/UE

Measurements taken in broadband and narrowband. The measurements are performed as required by the technical standards EN 50499, EN 50413, CEI 211-4, CEI 211-6, CEI 211-7, EN 50444, EN 50445, EN 50505, ed EN 50519.

Tecnolab also performs acoustic measurements according to italian legislative about the protection of workers from exposure to noise. Measurements of noise emitted by machines.