Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore and ICIM GROUP: together for a more competitive offer on testing and measurements

In order to strengthen our offering in increasing complexity and competitive markets with higher standard levels, a commercial partnership has been signed between Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore and ICIM Group, an ANIMA Confindustria’s head of competences which associates in inspection and certification (ICIM SpA), technical support (TIFQ), testing, controls and measurements (TIFQlab and OMECO).
Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore is the perfect technological partner that ensures impartiality and technical competency for the benefit of customers. Tecnolab develops its activities in four main sectors: electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety, mechanics, materials and automotive. With its testing activity, Tecnolab proposes itself as partner to develop projects and feasibility studies, research and development, by examining initiatives promoted by public bodies and private companies.
OMECO is an historical brand well known in the testing community, specialized in the mechanical industry with the highest number of accredited tests in reference sectors: mechanics and technological tests, chemical and metallographic analysis, non-destructive testing, leak, bursting, corrosion, on construction materials, welding tests and special tests, professional training and instrument calibration center.

These companies are a concrete reference on two different and complementary areas. This agreement will allow to them to offer not only a wider range of tests and measurements, but also to offer complementary services to a larger industrial community towards international markets with main focus on technology, innovation, sustainability, besides a new approach to circular economy which needs speed and efficient feedback on security and conformity of their solutions.