Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore Srl is a test, measurement and research institute located in Verbania.

Tecnolab is a laboratory accredited by ACCREDIA (LAB N° 0991L) which ensures impartiality and technical expertise for the benefit of our customers and partners.

Tecnolab performs tests, measurements, studies and research in four main technological fields:

Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore Srl: a trading and technological partner for tests, measurements and research


Since 1995, Tecnolab is the ideal trading partner for companies that wish to test components and products requiring specific testing, necessary to check the compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as customized tests according to specific needs. Transversal competences and a wide range of equipment and devices offered by Tecnolab allow to meet most of the customers’ needs through an advanced transdisciplinary approach.

Our corporate organization allows to have a client approach, since addressing us customers may have just a single interlocutor for different types of testing. Taking charge of the request we support our customers during all main steps until the final results.

We are able to perform tests and measurements for large and small projects with the same high standards of service.

Tecnolab is the right technological partner to develop projects and feasibility studies, seeking and examining calls and funding promoted by public bodies and also private companies.

Mission and values of Tecnolab


Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore Srl pursues the objective of assisting all companies that need specific tests and checks for various components and products, providing a dedicated multi-disciplinary service. We invest a lot on continuous training of personnel and to maintain the laboratory state-of-the-art equipment and to improve the quality level of testing and measurement every day. Certifications, acknowledgments, accreditations and qualifications are the most important technological achievements for our company. Through these processes Tecnolab has consolidated its activities and strengthened its position as reference point for Italian and European companies intending to test their products.

Tecnolab provides its customers and partners all its technical expertise, its certified experience gained over the years with public and private institutions.





Tecnolab is a certification body accredited by the Italian accreditation body ACCREDIA which ensures expertise, impartiality and independence of the certification bodies.

To maintain the high standards of service and quality levels of our measurements we rely on continuing professional training and updating of our personnel and of test procedures.





We carry out our tests in 4 main fields: electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety, mechanical, materials and automotive. This allows Tecnolab to be a transversal body capable of performing measurements in different fields.

laboratorio automotive tecnolab
laboratorio elettromagnetica tecnolab
laboratorio materiali tecnolab
laboratorio meccanico tencolab

Tecnolab laboratories


Tecnolab laboratories make use of the best currently existing technologies on the Italian and international market. These structures represent the heart of our testing and measurement activities and allow us to support all our partners in all verification and control activities. At the moment, at our premises, we have 8 laboratories for different test types.

Laboratories organization


The organization of our laboratories is structured to provide the best possible assistance. Each field has a technical manager who is directly in contact with customers in order to pick up their specific needs in the best way, to prepare quotations and define the projects timeline. He is a central figure as he coordinates the activities of the team of laboratory technicians and maintains contact with the customer from the beginning to the end of the project.

Test and measurement services to ensure and certify products quality and safety


For any company that wishes to grow in the international market it becomes essential to test the quality and safety of products and materials, in order to prevent any potential critical issue or problem and to obtain all compulsory certifications. Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore Srl is one of the main international measurement and certification bodies. Our laboratories are a guarantee of maximum reliability, impartiality and expertise of our technical personnel.

Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore Srl


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