Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore Srl is a test, measurement and research laboratory that has always cooperated with partners representing the Italian excellence. This results in continuous enrichment not only in terms of expertise, but also in terms of introduction of new technologies.

The importance of our partners


The challenge is to provide state-of-the-art laboratories, highly qualified personnel and a transdisciplinary approach.

Exactly the transversality of our expertise and the wide range of tools allow us to communicate constantly with our partners of very high level able to develop innovative projects for the sole benefit of our customers.

Our ambition is to be recognized as a reliable partner in the sector and we believe that the extent of our cooperation network proves our commitment.

Why to be Partner with Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore Srl


Our passion, our technological development capacity and in terms of know-how, our commercial growth, allow us to optimize the strength of our partnership. This provides us to create synergies that really make the difference for our customers.

We promote the relationship development that leads to excellent results in terms of growth, ours and that of our customers.

INRIM – National Institute of Metrological Research

The National Institute of Metrological Research is a national public body with the task of promoting and carrying out scientific research in the field of metrology. It conducts internationally widely recognized research in the scientific fields of measurements, materials and innovative research.

CONFORMA – Association of Certification, Inspection, Testing and Calibration Bodies

The association promotes quality, safety and environmental protection through certifications, testing and competent and independent inspections, with the aim of adding value to processes, products and services, protecting consumers, raising awareness in institutions, enterprises and citizens about the social value of conformity assessment regarding quality, environment, safety and sustainability.

Polytechnic University of Turin

We are glad to consider among our partners a world-wide university excellence. Certain aspects regarding Tecnolab’s activities need to compare views with academic institutions. The athenaeum in Turin has always been a reference point for Tecnolab in the field of education and culture.

TissueGraft srls

The products offered by TissueGraft involve the use of biological matrices which are properly decellularized, in order to eliminate any risk of immune response. The biological matrices of TissueGraft may be activated and subsequently enriched with bioactive substances (i.e. antibiotics, peptides, growth factors, etc.) in order to optimize the surgical use depending on the clinical needs; this technology, unique in the world, represents a new application frontier.


ICIM S.p.A. is an independent certification body born in Milan in 1988 as the Italian Certification Institute for Mechanics. Alongside certification in the fields of mechanics, thermo-hydraulic, plant engineering, burglar-proof security, ICIM is now a leader in the certification of professionals, and it is one of the leading experts in Italy and in the world in the certification of renewable energy and energy efficiency.


ANFIA is one of the leading Italian Trade Associations.
Born in March 1912, over these one hundred years, ANFIA mission has always been to represent the interests of its associate members and ensure effective communication between the Italian motor vehicle industries on the one hand, and the Public Administration and Italian political bodies on the other, with regard to all technical, economic, fiscal, legal, statistical and quality-related issues referred to the automotive sector.

Tecnolab is also partner of:

CEN – European Committee for Standardization

Association of national standardization organizations in 34 European countries.

UNI – Italian National Unification Body

The UNI standards are documents that define the state of the art of products, processes and services, specifying “how to do things properly” ensuring safety, respect for the environment and certain performance.

CEI – Italian Electrotechnical Committee

Founded in 1909, CEI is an organization recognized by the Italian Government and the European Union responsible for the technical standardization in the fields of electrotechnics, electronics and telecommunications. CEI technical standards contribute to define what the laws mention as “rule of art”.

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