The materials used to manufacture components and products play an increasingly crucial role in the final properties of the goods, to the point that they require specific study and analysis methods.

Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore provides a series of tests on materials inside its laboratories in Verbania (VB) with a transdisciplinary and innovative approach. Any company, which decides to develop a new product or needs to verify the actual quality and the compliance with the regulatory requirements of the material provided by suppliers, can address us.

The materials sector of Tecnolab del Lago Maggiore includes tests and measurements to verify the compliance with regulatory parameters, verifications of the actual composition of materials and their behaviour under certain conditions as well as for specific needs of the Customer.

prove leghe metalliche

Tests on metal alloys


Tests on metal alloys are carried out by Tecnolab to verify the essence of the material.

prove materiali non metallici

Tests on non-metallic materials


For non-metallic materials our verification activities consist of characterizations of the material.

prove elastomeri

Tests on elastomers


Tests on rubber, a widespread material both for domestic purpose and industrial applications.

failure analysis

Failure analysis


Data collection and analysis in order to determine the cause of a product failure or a malfunction.

prove resistenza dezincificazione

Resistance to Dezincification, SCC, Analysis of corrosion resistance


Tests on metallic materials to determine the resistance to dezincification and corrosion in compliance with applicable regulations.

prove resistenza corrosione nebbia salina

Salt spray corrosion resistance tests


If a product comes into contact with oxidizing agents, a test chamber for salt spray can verify the corrosion resistance.

utensili contatto alimenti

Tools in contact with food


MOCA are regulated by measures that set out how materials and products should be manufactured in accordance with best practice.

Climatic Tests and Thermal Shocks


A series of tests in climatic chambers determine the behaviour of products in controlled climatic conditions.

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